Construction Laborer Education Requirements

A construction laborer’s education must be focused towards providing him with the skills and technical knowledge that can be utilized by the construction laborer in this high risk job. Though earlier most construction workers were uneducated, as formal education was not a requirement, in today’s highly competitive and safety conscious construction industry, construction laborers have to possess a minimum education at least to understand the work proceedings and also other specialized skills like welding and blueprint reading which can only be acquired through apprenticeship and training programs.

Thus, a construction laborer’s education must be suited to the hard manual labor they have to undertake, as well as prepare him to be responsible for his own safety. Certain kinds of construction jobs require even more specific educational backgrounds and these must be kept in mind.

Construction Laborer Educational Requirements:

  • A construction laborer must have basic elementary education to understand the various aspects of the job and client’s specifications.
  • He should have the capability of identifying various technical hazards, mechanical drawings and related specification of a construction projects associated. This could only be achieved through on-job trainings from expertise.

Construction Laborer Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The construction laborer must acquire these degrees, courses and certifications in order to be eligible for the job and to improve his chances of progressing in his chosen field:

  • Elementary school knowledge-basic with any educational background
  • Certification in Welding, Scaffold Erecting and Concrete Finishing, Blueprint Reading.
  • Certification for builders
  • Labor Apprentice Certificate

Construction Laborer Qualifications and Training:

A construction laborer must be qualified to understand the technical nature of his job, perform hard manual labor and safeguard himself in high risk sites. This can only be acquired through training and apprenticeship programs which are conducted by the construction company, or which can be participated in with the help of external agencies.

Construction Laborer Colleges and Universities:

Construction Laborer Wages and Salaries:

A construction laborer can earn anything between 250$ to 400$. This will of course vary depending on the nature of the construction work in which the laborer is involved, his work expertise and experience.

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