Construction Estimator Education Requirements

A constructor estimator education is geared towards imparting such an individual with the skills to estimate the budget of a construction project before and during the course of the project. Such a person thus not only needs to have a solid formal educational base, but also a training which equips him with those skills like equating cost projections with real time trends that formal education may not supply him with.

A construction estimator education should thus focus on accountancy, mathematics, economics and other commerce subjects. He may also be trained in construction technology which is essentially an engineering branch with certified proficiency in allied subjects like economics. A construction estimator education must also take into account the hands on skills which are needed by such a person and thus it should be well rounded, holistic and effective in producing competent construction estimators.

Construction Estimator Education Requirements:

  • A constructor estimator must be proficient in science subjects and must be a graduate at least.
  • He should be extremely well versed in accounting, economics and business administration. He should also keep himself educated about the developments in the field and the various technological advancements there.

Construction Estimator Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A construction estimator must possess the following degrees from reputed institutions in order to be eligible for the job:

  • High school degree with high marks in science subjects
  • Bachelor’s degree in Construction technology
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics with 60% aggregate
  • Master’s degree in Construction Technology
  • Master’s degree in Economics with a first class.
  • Certification course CCC [Certified Cost Consultant].

Construction Estimator Qualifications and Training:

A construction estimator must be qualified to make accurate cost predictions as the success of the entire project will depend upon his estimates. He can undertake the training provided by his formal education or opt for specialized training programs on decision making, communication and planning as well as reading market trends.

Construction Estimator Colleges and Universities:

Construction Estimator Salaries and Wages:

A construction estimator can earn anything between $ 30,000 and $ 90,000. This depends on his performance, hard work and sincerity, as well as the construction company he works for and the kind of projects offered to him.

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