Construction Administrator Education and Job Requirements

Construction Administrator Requirements

A construction administrator’s post is primarily about managing the construction employees. The concerned person supervises the employees’ work and often coordinates the operations taking place on a construction site. The construction administrator also looks after the safety measures being taken at the spot. The maintenance and upgrading of the construction equipments are also his/her responsibilities. He/she writes reports of the work in progress and also needs to see that the building being constructed abides the environmental norms. The following points throw light on the details of education and job requirements for this post.

Education requirements:

  • Bachelors of Technology in civil engineering with first class grades.
  • Masters of Technology in civil engineering is desirable.
  • Masters in Business Administration is a big plus.
  • Certified training in relevant software packages involving engineering statistics.

Job requirements:

  • An experience of 2 years in the arena of construction based administration.
  • Knowledge about the maintenance of the environmental regulations as per the law.
  • Thorough application of technical knowhow to make the construction operations more efficient.
  • Be versed with the safety measures at the site.
  • The candidates must have excellent coordination skills.

These points are guidelines for a construction company to choose the right candidate.

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