Concept Artist Education Requirements

The concept artist is one who supervises various creative designs that are related to gaming and advertisements. This is a type of creative direction wherein the writer brings about life into video games and films through creative stories, character sketches, thumbnails, environmental art and more. One needs to develop the game play and scenes of the particular project. There is a need to visualize and understand the concept behind every story. One needs extraordinary skills for its execution. One can get a job through education and experience but natural talent is required and is the most essential. This type of visual language is what enlivens the scene concerned. One has to communicate to an entire culture through the art work.

Concept Artist Education Requirements

  • One must have proper education when it comes to this career. The skills and knowledge comes from taking up a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, fine arts, game design and animation. The graphic fundamentals and illustrations are understood through Photoshop, Maya and other software programs that are taught with great detail.
  • One can also gain advanced knowledge by taking similar courses through master degrees.
  • There are several certification courses which deal with animation and graphics that teach about the basic rules of visual design and illustrations.
  • Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Game Design, Graphic Design and Animation.
  • Master Degree in Fine Arts, Game Design, Graphic Design and Animation.
  • Certification in Photoshop, Graphic design, Animation.

Concept Artist Degrees, Courses and Certification

Concept Artist Qualifications and Training

Training is an essential part of the educational courses. It becomes important to go through internships and have a credible portfolio which will enable proper employment opportunities. There are recruitments done from the institutes that offer such courses.

Concept Artist Colleges and Universities

Concept Artist Wages and Salaries

The average salary of a concept artist per year is $67,000.

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