Computer Science Course Requirements

A course on Computer Science equips a person with skills required to handle tasks related to the software and the hardware of the computer. A variety of Computer Science courses are available to choose from. It is not necessary to take up a course that offers both hardware and software learning, courses with just one stream of computers is also available. These courses pave way to jobs in the IT industry and places where computers play a major role, certified candidates may be placed in an environment to troubleshoot computer or network related issues.

Basic Requirements:

The following are the basic requirements for the computer science course:

  • Basic Mathematics – Computer scientists need to do basic mathematics so Mathematics 21a and 21b with a proper computer science 20 subset is a definite requirement.
  • Theory – Computer Science 121 is required with a course in computer science 120s or 220s.
  • Systems – Any two of the following,
    • Computer Science 50
    • Computer Science 51
    • Computer Science 61
    • Technical Electives – An additional four courses excluding computer science 20, computer science 50 and any other course that has been used to meet the previous requirements. In order to satisfy this requirement, Applied Mathematics 121, 120, 107 and 106 or Statistics 110 can also be used.
    • Additional information– Below mentioned are answers to few queries,
      • Courses approved by the director of undergraduate studies can be used to meet the requirements.
      • There is no credit for previous work, however students with good programming background need not undertake computer science 50
      • Each and every course program will be approved individually after a review.

Cost of Computer Science Course:

The cost for a course in computer science ranges from $35,000 to as high as $58,000. This depends upon the institution that is chosen for the educational course. An extra fee for choice of additional courses is applicable if the students wish to add it to the program.

Areas covered by Computer Science Course:

The certified professionals are independently capable to understand and troubleshoot issues pertaining to the computer. The course also equips the person with logical skills which is necessary to understand requirements and program relevant software with required outcomes. The course also serves as a base for ventures to other fields that necessarily have the use of computers.

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