Computer Maintenance Education Requirements

A computer maintenance professional is an individual who is hired by a company or any big or small working organisation to assist them on system operations, repairs, installations of computer systems and also solving and troubleshooting computer errors and other such technical difficulties. A computer maintenance executive is responsible for looking after daily computer system performance and providing technical support for new computer system installations etc. Anyone who wishes to become computer maintenance professional needs certain educational qualifications as well as skills and other requirements to be able to carry on the duties associated with this job.

A computer maintenance worker is required to run field inquiries and diagnostic tests on existing systems to ensure the smooth working of all the computer parts of the company. He/she may also be required to maintain logs and reports. The following are the various educational requirements mentioned in a detailed manner for one to become a computer maintenance worker.

Computer maintenance education requirements:

  • It is really important for a person to have the basic high school education so as to study further and apply for the job position of a computer maintenance worker in a company.
  • A bachelor’s degree in computers or an associate degree program in computer maintenance and repair can be helpful to become a computer maintenance professional.
  • Knowledge of the working of a computer system, its repair and installation work and various other computer maintenance issues is really important and can be inculcated by the training provided on the job itself.
  • A high school diploma from an accredited school of the state.

Computer maintenance degrees, courses and certifications:

  • A diploma course in computer systems/bachelor’s degree in computers or any other field along with a certificate course in computer systems.
  • Computing technology industry association (CompTIA) can be attained by those who complete the examination successfully.
  • Other courses in computer related associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in the same field.

Computer maintenance training and qualifications:

Computer maintenance training can be taken up by a person in a computer repair company so as to learn all the aspects of computer maintenance. One must also be a skilled professional with a good attitude towards the work of repair and maintenance.

Computer maintenance colleges and universities:

Computer maintenance wages and salaries:

A computer maintenance worker may earn different in different industries. The average salary for a computer maintenance worker is $30000.

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