Computer Developer Education Requirements

A computer developer is responsible for working with a number of computer-related functions, which can include computer system design, facility management, custom computer programming, software installation and maintenance, and disaster recovery.

Typically computer developers need a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field. Most computer developers need to have sound knowledge of computer programming. If a computer developer is working is a specific industry, he will need skills and knowledge that is related to that industry.

Computer Developer Education Requirements

The education requirements to be a computer developer include the following:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree

Computer Developer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

There are many different degree programs and courses that can help a person become a computer developer. Some of them are as follows:

  • BS in Information Technology – Software Engineering
  • BS in Information Technology – Programming Technology
  • Bachelor of Computer Science – Mobile Application Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Computer Science – Computer Science
  • Bachelor in Information Technology – Programming
  • BS in Information Technology: Software Application Programming
  • BSIT in Application Development
  • Associate in Arts in Information Systems
  • Associate of Applied Science – Computer Programming
  • Associate of Applied Science – Web Development
  • Associate degree in Information Technology
  • Master’s degree in Information Systems
  • MS in Information Systems: Software Engineering Management Concentration
  • Master of IT: Information Assurance and Security
  • Master of IT: Project Management
  • Master in Computer Science – Software Engineering
  • MS in Information Technology – Software Engineering

Computer Developer Qualifications and Training

A computer developer has many responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities is suggesting upgrades for programs and systems. Hence, the person should have the knowledge and information about the different systems and software being used. In addition, a computer developer works with many different kinds of complex computer systems and is responsible for the security of these systems. So, a computer developer should know how to analyze vulnerability, provide protection against viruses and hackers and be able to manage firewalls.

Computer developers work closely with computer programmers and hence they should be able to work and manage a team. They should have good communication skills, as they need to document all their work carefully for future reference. The person should be analytical, have good problem solving skills, people management skills and be organized.

Above all, a computer developer should always stay abreast of any developments or changes in computer technology. As this position does not have any form of formal training, it is necessary that a computer developer take proactive steps to learn new developments in his field of work.

Computer Developer Colleges and Universities

Computer Developer Wages and Salary

The average annual salary of a computer developer is $90,000.

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