Computer Analyst Education and Job Requirements

Computer Analyst Requirements

Computer analysts learn and conduct an analysis of a firm’s tasks. They frequently plan, widen and employ software as well as hardware to do these jobs. Certain analysts work even in the fields of science. These analysts also have the job of maintaining the computer systems present in the work area. They are employed anywhere, where computers are present like colleges, schools, firms, agencies etc. Some have to work in consultation with firms for the purpose of creating novel hardware or software. Analysts may create software to resolve problems too, for an agency. For instance, like creating software that handles payroll management in a firm is the job of a computer analyst. Diagnosing problems in a system is also a part of their job designation and solving the problems is vital too. He has to gather data related to the problem and then diagnose it in order to solve it, such as inventory errors.

Education Requirements

  • A bachelor degree in computer information system from a reputed college is important.
  • The candidate must have a post graduate degree in computer related field.
  • Knowledge of networking as well as communications is needed too.
  • An MBA degree may be an added benefit

Job Requirements

  • He must have experience of working in different fields of specialisation.
  • Good communication as well as interpersonal skills is needed to interact with clients and solve their difficulties.
  • Good knowledge of software and related fields is necessary.
  • The candidate must have an analytical bent of mind.

The above educational and job requirements are needed to acquire the job of a computer analyst.

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