Competition Manager Education and Job Requirements

Competition Manager Requirements

As a Competition Manager one has got to manage and synchronize the planning and execution of a program of inter-school competition by keeping the objective of winning the national school championship in within the constraints of school sports partnership in mind.  A competition manager has to motivate more and more people to participates in those competition while maintain the quality of the participants. They also have to harmonize in between the national government authorities, school coordination bodies and local level organizations conducting such competitions.

Educational Requirements

  • Candidate must have completed his degree to become a competition level.
  • Certificates in the relevant field.
  • Certificates and diploma in child motivation and management.
  • Some soft skill diploma to enhance your convincing power so that more people participate in the competitions.
  • Some winning certificates of such competitions at national level.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to manage and coordinate between different authorities conducting these competitions.
  • Understanding about the psychology of young participants and ability to inspire them to perform their best.
  • Certificates pertaining to the specific field.
  • The applicant must have at least 3-4 years of relevant experience in the same field.
  • Negotiations between different bodies and knowledge to handle all the paper work required for that.
  • He should be able to handle the responsibility at school level and to other levels as well.
  • Willing to travel out of the city if required.
  • Capability to build the rapport amongst the young crowd.
  • Ability to achieve best results in every circumstance.

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