Community Sports Coach Education and Job Requirements

Community Sports Coach Requirements

A community Sports Coach is a qualified sports professional providing sports and physical training to young people in the community. These coaches work in the association with government bodies, local sports centers/clubs, sports authorities etc. The objective of a community sports coach is to motivate young people towards sport and nurture the young sports talent by increasing the opportunities for them to play and perform better. They need to design good session’s plans for coaching. The candidate must have good sports knowledge and experience of playing at state or national level. Following are the educational and job requirement to become a community sports coach:

Educational Requirements

  • Training in those particular sports at least till level 1 from any good organization or a national government sports body
  • Must have completed some training course in becoming the Coach or a coach beginner course.
  • Must have at least a high school degree.
  • Certificates or diploma in safeguarding children, physical training, medical assistance in sports.

Job Requirements:

  • Working experience as a coach for training for level 1, at least for 2-3 years as per NGB’s guidelines in that country.
  • Good and pleasant personality and physical fitness as per the guidelines for a coach.
  • Ability to motivate youngsters to perform better and attentiveness towards new techniques used in that sport.
  • Understanding about the role and responsibility of a coach coupled with relevant badges and certificates in the same sports field.
  • Experience working at sports level with clubs, associations etc.

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