Commercial Banker Education Requirements

Commercial bankers are those who are responsible for accepting payments and deposits at a financial institution. They are also in charge of handling selling and cash withdrawals. It is important to have a good understanding of accounting and fund collection. The commercial banker education helps the candidate in understanding the various responsibilities attached to such a job. He or she functions as a cashier and is required to place the cash in the right drawer so as to be able to account for the various funds.

The services also require proper assistance to customers on opening and closing accounts along with other issues. There must be processing of loan applications done as well as doing the needed paperwork. There must a note of all daily transactions and withdrawals. Most banks look for professional experience and educational qualifications as well as good people skills in the candidate.

Commercial Banker Education Requirements:

  • A minimum high school diploma along with classroom training after being hired
  • Bachelor’s degree in any course preferably Mathematics and Accounting
  • Masters in Business Administration; however this is optional

Commercial banker Degrees, Courses and Certification:

  • Loan Review Certification: This is for top level Loan Management positions
  • Certification Mortgage Banker program: This requires over three years experience and passing credits in the examination.

Commercial Banker Qualification and Training:

The training process varies according to the specificity of the job. Most banking institutions provide training after employment for the job. Training is important as certified commercial bankers earn more than those who are not.

Commercial Banker Colleges and Universities

Commercial Banker Wages and Salaries:

The commercial banking industry payment varies diversely. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the commercial banker earned around $11.35 per hour and this could increase to about $42.98 per hour. The top management commercial bankers earn more than $85,678 every year.

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