Combat Engineer Education Requirements

A combat engineer is usually employed by the armed forces. Such engineers are specialists in building bridges, minefield clearance, neutralization of explosives, field defense systems, road and airfields constriction and repair, water purification etc. Those who already have an engineering degree can make the most of the qualification as a combat engineer. Diploma engineers are also sometimes eligible for an assistant role to the chief combat engineer. Additionally, a combat engineer performs several duties that are incidental to construction and demolition projects of the army. They are also taught about carpentry, specialized demolitions for landmine warfare and urban breaching.

Combat Engineer Education Requirements

  • An engineering degree is a must for the designation.
  • A score of more than MM 95 or higher is desirable.
  • Non-MOS qualified marines unable to attend any regular or formal school course could get a certification for MOS 1371 as AMOS only by the concerned unit commander following successful completion of Alternate Training Instructional Program designed for the reserves.
  • Completion of the Engineer Operations Chief Course is preferred for promotion to GySgt.

Combat Engineer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are some degrees and certifications required for a combat engineer:

  • Bachelor of engineering—mechanical, civil, electrical
  • Bachelor of technology
  • Master of technology—electrical, civil
  • Basic Combat Engineer Course, Marine Corps Engineer School
  • Reserve Basic Combat Engineer Course

Combat Engineer Qualifications and Training

The aspirant has to undergo a 14 week one unit station training that’s imparted by the US Army. The course involves both basic and job training. It’s conducted at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Combat Engineer Colleges and Universities

Combat Engineer Wages and Salary

Army combat engineers can expect to draw an average salary of $85,000. The chief combat engineer is usually paid around $100,000. Other perks like housing, attire and groceries are given free.

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