College Requirements

College requirements encompass a vast area of educational criterion combining all courses and subjects taught in the college though each college has its unique style of marking students while examining them in the entrance exams. Other than passing the board exams with flying colors, what is also seen is if the student has the required level of skills. A horde of factors are checked before accepting a student into an institution.

The factors have been disclosed in the following section, which play almost an equivalent role in determining the strength of students:

  • A huge number of colleges set the criterion of passing English with overwhelming scores in ACT/SAT or attending separate English classes for every year of high school to gain complete mastery over the subject especially when admission is allowed in arts.
  • For mathematics and science, the colleges want a minimum two years of brush with the two individually. Again some institutions may ask for a four year degree as minimum requirement which makes it clear that greater the number of years, more the assurance for admission.

Colleges have private testing procedures through written or oral examinations. The cut off is sometimes very high and students have to fare well for admission.

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