College Essay Requirements

College essays can be regarded as a vital element of the admission criteria. These essays are written by candidates and are submitted to the college along with their application form for the admission. Hence college essay requirements can be defined as the set of rules and techniques that a candidate should keep in mind while writing an essay for college admission. Some people also regard the college recommendation letters as the college essays.

Topics on which college essay can be written:

  • You can write the essay on a specific or important incident or achievement of your academic or personal life. For example you can choose a significant achievement, some experience that you learned, any interesting incident with a moral etc.
  • You can also discuss any current issue, current national achievement or problem, any topic from current affairs.
  • You can write an essay on your role model or the most ideal person in your life and his /her influence on your life.
  • You can also discuss about some movie character, comic character, real life hero, any favorite player or political personality and can discuss about their significance and effect on your life.
  • You can also pick some place, country, state to write on. It means that there are many different topics but you should always something positive and constructive.

Writing tips for college essays:

  • You should take care about the words that you are using and should not repeat the same word or phrases.
  • You should avoid imprecise and vague language in the college essays.
  • You must avoid excessive use of digression in your essays.
  • Your language while writing a college essay must be creative but excessive use of adverbs and adjectives also degrade the quality of your essay. Hence you should be creative but also at the same time make your writing precise and don’t drag a point with the help of adverbs and adjectives.
  • You should use English grammar carefully and you should be careful especially while using verbs. So always prefer to use strong verbs and avoid too much use of weak verbs.
  • While writing a college essay and while explaining some situation in the essay always give preference to active voice based sentences and minimize the use of passive voice.
  • The most important point that you should keep in mind while writing college essays is that, always avoid the use of expletive constructions in the sentences.


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