College Entrance Requirements

College entrance requirements mean the different criteria a student must fulfil in order to clear entrance examinations held by colleges. Every college or university has its own set of rules and expectations from students and depending on its ranking the standard of the tests increases and the high cut-offs make it difficult to get through to such universities. Previous years’ questions papers will give you an idea about the questions but these are the basic requirements; in reality students must always strive to raise the bar as living in a competitive world means more and more students are trying to get the best education and the difficulty of the college entrance tests keeps increasing.

What are the most common college entrance exams?

  • SAT: The Scholastic Aptitude Test is the most common way to test a student’s preparation for college. SAT Reasoning Test has multiple questions and assesses verbal and math skills. SAT Subject Test analyses knowledge of a particular subject.
  • ACT: The America College Test is mostly taken for undergrad studies and has sections like English, math, reading and reasoning.
  • TOEFL: The Test of English as a Foreign Language is mainly taken by students from foreign countries to assess their command over the English language.
  • GRE: This stands for Graduate Record Exam and is needed for graduate or doctoral degree courses. It has a general test, subject test and writing assessment test.
  • GMAT: The General Management Aptitude Test is required for business and management studies and studies verbal, math, writing skills.
  • LSAT: The Law School Admission Test is for those students who want to study law and studies reading and verbal reasoning skills.
  • MCAT: The Medical College Admission Test is used to get into medical college and has sections on problem solving, writing skills and science concepts.

What are the requirements to sit for these exams?

  • Four years of English
  • Three years of math
  • Two years of science
  • Two years of history and social science

How to prepare for college entrance exams:

  • Visit the colleges and ask for their previous years’ question papers or download them from the website
  • Buy guide books and practice the questions there
  • Enroll in a coaching class where you will be trained by experts in the field you choose to study, with practical assignments
  • Research on the internet about your subject and join forums to interact with other students interested in taking the tests

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