College Degree Requirements

College degree requirements can be defined as those requirements that must be satisfied and fulfilled in order to get a degree from a college. These are the set of procedures that a candidate must follow to receive degree from an accredited college. There are various types of degrees like associate degree, bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, master’s degree which possess individual requirements.

Degree types and their individual requirements:

Associate Degree requirements:

  • To join the associate degree you must have passed the high school diploma.
  • After completing your high school, you can apply to any college for associate degree, but the course that you want to pursue in associate degree must be related to the major subjects of your high school education.

Baccalaureate or Bachelor’s degree requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any course can be joined after completing the high school. It is similar to associate degree but the duration of bachelor’s degree is 4-5 years while associate degree is only 3 years study program.

Post Graduate Degree requirements:

  • Post Graduate degrees are those degrees which one can apply for, after completing the bachelor’s degree.
  • The fundamental is very simple, that after bachelor’s degree if you join a study program for two years then you can obtain a master’s degree and if you join study program of four years after bachelor’s you get a doctorate degree.
  • It’s solely the choice of candidate and there is no restriction that a candidate can choose either the same or different subjects for bachelors and master’s degree. But the major subjects from bachelor’s degree must be related to the one that you want to opt for masters or you should possess some work experience in the field that you want to pursue for the master’s.

Professional certifications requirements:

  • To join a professional study program, you must have completed your bachelor’s degree with the subjects that are related to your professional degree program.
  • To join a college for professional study you would have to pass the entrance exam, in which your aptitude, subject knowledge and reading, writing and communication skills are tested.

Teacher Certification requirements:

  • High school degree passed with excellent marks in the related stream.
  • Bachelor’s degree program pursued in education, keeping education as the major subject in the degree and science as the minor subject.
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) certification is not a mandatory requirement for teacher certification program but it boosts up your chances of getting admission in teacher certification program.

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