College Admission Requirements

By college admission requirements, we mean all the marks and other steps involved in the process of applying to institutes of higher learning like colleges and universities, primarily to get through undergraduate studies. When a student is in his high school senior year, he starts the application process which begins during the season of autumn and ends during spring of the last year of high school. Every college or university may have different requirements for admission and a student must prepare himself depending on where he wants to apply. Getting good grades in the high school final exams, respectable performance in extracurricular activities, sports, music etc and also good marks in the entrance examinations conducted by individual colleges for particular subjects are some of the requirements for admission into colleges. A student needs to do especially well in those subjects in high school which they plan to do their majors in. Most universities offer both undergraduate and graduate courses.

What tests does one need to clear to get admission?

  • Good marks in SAT and ACT
  • Individual college entrance exams
  • If you are a foreign student, you have to clear tests like GRE and language skill test like TOEFL or IELTS

What is the admission application process for colleges?

These points must be kept in mind when a student applies for college admission:

  • Start applying from autumn of your senior high school year
  • Apply to every school separately and find out what are the cut-off works so that you can prepare accordingly
  • Find out which colleges hold separate entrance examinations besides taking into consideration your SATs or ACTs
  • Find out about scholarships and financial aid which may be offered to students based on their merit or if you are in financial need
  • Most US colleges give preference to students good in sports and so concentrate on you performance on the field to get admitted
  • Some colleges may require personal recommendations from teachers and personal essays from the students as part of admission process

What is the Early Decision and Rolling Admission program?

The Early Decision program lets a student apply to a college a couple of months early, from November, instead of the usual January, in order to reduce the pressure on students and university admission offices. A Rolling Admission program, used mainly by schools with many applicants, lets a student to apply between fall and spring and get the results after a few weeks.

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