College ACT Requirements

ACT (American College Testing) is a standardized testing criterion which is used by most of the high ranked universities to make decisions on the admission of the candidates who have applied there. On the basis of ACT scores, candidates get admissions. Hence College ACT requirements can be referred to as those requirements that a candidate must fulfill to take and pass the ACT exam. The candidates aspiring to take the ACT exam must prepare themselves for various subjects’ mathematics, Science to English reading and writing skills. The ACT score is the composite average of all these individual subjects’ scores.

ACT exam:

The ACT exam is divided into four sections of multiple choice questions – English, Mathematics, reading and science reasoning. There are no negative markings for incorrect questions. The ACT exam is organized six times in a year in February, April, June, September, October and December.

Hence right after the high school the candidates need to prepare for ACT exam to get admitted in reputed colleges and universities. The ACT exam tests candidates only on those skills and subject knowledge that he can acquire till high school education.

Requirements for the ACT exam:

  • To be eligible for ACT exam, you need to pass high school with science with excellent marks.
  • You must possess good English language skills like grammatical issues, rhetorical skills, strategy, transition and sentence formation.
  • To take and pass the ACT exam successfully, you have to be good with mathematics subject knowledge and you should be good at pre-algebra, algebra, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, trigonometry.
  • Another area of study where you should focus while preparing for ACT exam is Science Reasoning, because ACT exam tests candidates on reasoning based on data representations, conflict viewpoints, and research summary.
  • Candidates also require reading skills to crack the ACT exam. Candidates are tested on their reading abilities and their reading performance is measured through reading comprehension with a variety of passages ranging from prose fiction, to humanities, natural science and social science.
  • The last requirement for ACT exam is good writing skills. Although this is not a mandatory exam section of ACT but you have to take it if you choose ACT assessment plus writing test. In this section you have to write an essay on the given topic which will check your writing abilities.
  • Since ACT performance is measured in all these sections so you need to be consistent with all the sections, otherwise it will affect your ACT score.

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