Coal Mining Education Requirements

Coal mining is the process of extracting coal from the earth which in today’s time uses different types of technological and scientific equipment and can no longer be regarded as a job done by only uneducated and unskilled laborers. Coal is used as fuel for many purposes and mining it safely is a great responsibility. The coal is then transported from the mine to the processing facility where it is processed to be used as fuel.

The educational requirements for this job can be only a high school degree because most employees are trained on the job. But nowadays there are many community or technical colleges which provide the basic training required in mining for which they may give a certificate or an associate’s degree.

Coal Mining Education Requirements:

  • You preferably need to finish high school even if you get trained on the job because it will help you move up the ladder to work as a manager or technician and get a better salary
  • You get do a 1 –year certificate course or a 2-year associate’s course in coal mining which will teach you all the techniques of mining, the safety procedures to be followed and so on
  • These programs do not require a high school degree but one needs to have basic knowledge of English and math to understand the instructions
  • If you want to work as an engineer you will have to get a 4-year university degree.

Coal Mining Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a coal miner can study any one of the following courses to get the training required in this field:

  • Associate’s Degree in Mining Technology
  • Associate’s Degree in Mining Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree Mine Management and Safety

Coal Mining Qualification and Training:

You can get additional training in mining management which will teach you about the supervisory responsibilities, federal rules and regulations, environmental impact and so on. There are many courses available in this field where you can get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree to polish the skill set required for a particular type of job.

Coal Mining Colleges and Universities:

Coal Mining Wages and Salaries:

A coal miner will get paid according to the position he is working at. An underground coal miner can get an hourly salary of $27 and an annual salary of $73,000. A surface coal miner gets $23 per hour although figures may vary depending on experience.

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