CNA Training Requirements

CNA training requirements refers to the skills and qualifications that a person who wants to become a certified nurse assistant or CNA must have in order to perform his duties effectively. These nurses must be licensed and registered with the regulatory body of a state and they work under the supervision of registered nursing professionals in hospitals, nursing homes or clinics.

The training requirement of this field is a combination of theoretical and practical training and there are many options available from which one can choose from. Nursing aides or CNAs must have knowledge of the human anatomy and get training on how to handle different medical procedures.

What Are The Educational Requirements To Get CNA Training?

There are many nursing schools or even community colleges from where one can choose a course to become a CNA:

  • You should choose subjects like biology, physics, chemistry and math at the high school level so that your basics become clear
  • After getting your highs school degree, you have to pursue post-secondary courses which have been approved from an accredited institute which have both theoretical training and include clinical rounds
  • You can also study the courses similar to a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse as they give the same training required for this post

What Additional Training Is Needed To Become A CAN?

  • The coursework in this field include subjects like anatomy, patient hygiene, medical ethics, laws and terms, patient rights, guidelines on infection and diseases.
  • The candidates are also given training on how to handle pre- and post-operative care, how communication skills, patient communication skills and various administrative duties to do the paperwork
  • You must appear for the certification test conducted in your state as registration is compulsory and then pass the written exam once you have finished your nursing training to be able to practice in medical facilities

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