Clothing Designer Education Requirements

The clothing designer education concerns the training and education of candidates who are passionate about fashion and would like to take it to the professional level. This requires creative skills as well as technical knowhow. This job deals with a lot of training even within the working level. Employers look for fresh ideas but they ensure that the candidates go through a rigorous training process and internship before becoming a permanent member of the company. Many also prefer establishing their own clothing lines and stores. However, this will require education, experience and training as well. One must be up-to-date about the recent trends and future possibilities.

Clothing Designer Educational Requirements

  • Most employers will look for at least a graduate degree, preferably in designing and related major. There are also business related subjects which one can study.
  • Master’s degree on clothing and fashion can help in advancing the candidate within the workspace as well as gaining further knowledge.
  • There are two-year associate degrees in fashion designing as well which offer basic theory courses such as techniques, concept instruction and tailoring, sewing and other such design skills.
  • Certificate and training courses on fashion designing are available in plenty but must be sought from a reliable accredited institute.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design
  • Associate Degree in Fashion
  • Master’s degree in Fashion Design
  • Certification from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design

Clothing Designer Degrees, Courses and Certificates:

Clothing Designer Qualifications and Training

The candidate must go through industry exposure and hands-on training in order to gain employment. This requires various internship programs that can be gained through the undergraduate courses. There are also firms that offer internships as college credit. Computer skills that involve drawing and drafting are necessary.

Clothing Designer Colleges and Universities

Clothing Designer Wages and Salaries

The average income is not specified and varies. A rough estimate is around $67,800 per annum.

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