Clinical Trial Assistant education and Job Requirements

Clinical Trial Assistant Requirements

A clinical trial assistant participates and assists in conducting clinical trials all over the country and beyond. He must be sufficiently qualified to handle the challenges of his job. He must be acquainted with the various facets of his job which make it such an important and difficult profession. A clinical trial assistant must be aware of the rules and regulations of a country which determine clinical trials and also be adept at the organizational aspects of the work.

Education Requirements:

  • A clinical trial assistant must possess a Master’s degree Medicine or any other allied field like Bio-pharmacy.
  • He must be aware of the norms that clinical trials have to adhere to, the kind of subjects that can be used for a particular trial and the kind of limits imposed by governmental authorities.
  • He must possess a technical degree to process the backlog of repots and data. He must be acquainted with the necessary software.

Job Requirements:

  • A clinical trial assistant must participate in the pre- and post-production stages of a large scale trial involving a number of subjects. He must be adept at noting the data and inferences drawn and then processing them in the needed manner.
  • A clinical trial assistant must possess excellent communication skills which allow them to formulate questionnaires and answer the concerns of the participants in these trials.
  • He must also be aware of the technological advances in the field of pharmacy and medicine.

These are some of the requirements of a clinical trial assistant.

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