Clinical Research Coordinator Education and Job Requirements

Clinical Research Coordinator Requirements

The clinical research coordinator is a research professional who not only conducts clinical trials and researches but also supervises the staffs that perform the clinical trials. They plot the sequence and procedures for the clinical trial, search, screen and sign up the target test group for the trials. They secure consent from all the participants and inform them about the protocols. After gathering the information, they store it properly, analyze it with the help of statisticians and prepare a final report on the results of the clinical trial.

Educational Requirements:

  • Individuals possessing a bachelor’s degree in subjects related to biology and medicine would be employed in this job. These subjects include nursing, biochemistry, anatomy, pharmacology, immunology, biotechnology, molecular biology, toxicology and many other subjects related to the medicine field.
  • A master’s degree in the above mentioned disciplines may also prove to be fruitful.
  • Candidates certified in clinical research work in laboratories may also be eligible for this job.

Job Requirements:

  • The organizational skills of a clinical research coordinator should be aplenty.
  • The person should also be a good team leader who is able to distribute the work uniformly and see to the proper execution of the jobs.
  • His or her analytical skills, problem solving ability and research capability must be excellent.
  • To be successful in this career, one must possess good interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Hence, by fulfilling the above mentioned criteria, one would be eligible to take up the employment opportunity of a clinical research co-ordinator.

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