Clinical Research Assistant Education and Job Requirements

Clinical Research Assistant Requirements

A clinical research assistant is a person who defends the rights and welfare of individual test subjects. They corroborate that the trial practices are in conformity with the amendments stipulated with regulatory constraint rules. Diverse levels at which a clinical research assistant can work establishes the occupations and responsibilities to be done. He or she supervises all clinical trials till their termination. Clinical research assistants watch over, generate and document all clinical trials, principally to confirm no violations of rights of human test subjects arise. Clinical research assistants reconnoitre for subjects and trial sites and make case record forms, instruct clinical research staff members and assemble completed forms from hospitals.

Educational Requirements:

  • To qualify for the position of a clinical research assistant, one must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in fields related to life and medical sciences. Subjects like immunology, toxicology, molecular biology, biotechnology, anatomy, pharmacology etc are considered as related to life and medical sciences.
  • Master’s in the above mentioned subjects would also prove to be very helpful to gain a higher position.
  • Training programmes in clinical research and added experience also acts as an extra advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must be able to multi task, have a sound knowledge of various pharmaceutical and biological products used.
  • The person’s communication skills should be commendable.
  • Problem solving ability and managing the staff well are two most required attributes.

From the above information, any candidate interested in the position of clinical research assistant can understand the requirements of the job and work towards it.

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