Clinical lab technician Education Requirements

Clinical lab technicians are the people who carry out various medical tests on patients’ blood, urine samples to detect and diagnose the diseases. Hence, the clinical lab technician education must concentrate on providing the apt knowledge about medical science and about all aspects of medical testing. The candidates looking forward to clinical lab technician education must go for bachelor’s degree in medical science or life science to understand the detailed medical aspects of human body, so that they can apply this knowledge while working on and analyzing the reports of medical tests.

The clinical lab technician education must incorporate all the latest tools and technologies on medical testing. Their education must also develop the analytical skills in the candidates so that these clinical lab technicians work on even the minutest details while carrying out medical tests.

Clinical lab technician Education Requirements:

  • A clinical lab technician must have passed high school with excellent marks in the science stream.
  • A dental lab technician must be a graduate in a field related with medical science and technology.
  • He can also build on his education record by going for certain courses giving specific knowledge on tools and techniques involved in the field.

Clinical lab technician Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A candidate looking forward to pursue the career in environmental science should attain following degrees and certifications:

  • High school degree with excellent marks in science stream
  • Bachelor’s degree in medical science, life science, chemistry, microbiology can be considered for a career in clinical lab technician field.
  • Certifications in courses like Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Medical Lab Assistants from a hospital, a medical institute or a vocational institute also add up as qualification for clinical lab technician job.

Clinical lab technician Education Qualification and Training:

The skills and knowledge required to work as clinical lab technician can not only be developed through the bachelor’s degree or certification courses but students should be encouraged for internships to learn more about latest tools and practices in the field. This will help candidate to develop the required skill set and they will also understand that how they can apply their knowledge on the practical basis to carry out medical tests and correct analysis on it.

Clinical lab technician Colleges and Universities:

Clinical lab technician Wages and Salaries:

These days there is a major demand for clinical lab technician graduates and they are getting handsome salaries in the range of $20,000 – $ 45,000.


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