Clinical Dietitian Education Requirements

A Clinical Dietitian is an individual who is trained and skilled to provide dietary plans and nutritional suggestions to clients and patients.  These individuals often work at clinics, hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, schools and even prisons.  The basic job of a clinical dietitian is to use diet to monitor the health of a person and treat health ailments like obesity, high blood pressure and other such problems.  Depending upon the work setting, there may be other duties and responsibilities of a clinical dietitian as well. To become a clinical dietitian, one needs to follow a certain educational path and gain the required knowledge and education. Let’s take a look at the education requirements to become a clinical dietitian.

Clinical Dietitian Education Requirements

  • Any candidate who wishes to be a clinical dietitian must possess atleast a bachelor’s degree.
  • Many colleges and universities in US offer undergraduate and graduate courses in dietetics, nutrition and similar subjects.  Most of these programs also include an internship which provides the necessary experience and training.
  • Infact, one can also gain voluntary registration dietitian designation from the American Dietetic association to further add to his/her credentials.

Clinical Dietitian Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The candidates who are looking for a position as a clinical dietitian can consider pursuing the following given courses, degrees and certifications etc.

  • High school diploma is an n absolute must and so is a bachelor’s degree in the field of dietetics and nutrition. In this course, candidates gain knowledge about food science, nutrition, food service management etc.
  • Though a post graduate degree is not a must but pursuing it may provide the candidate with the best job prospects in this field.

Clinical Dietitian Qualification and Training

Apart from the above mentioned formal education requirements, one also requires training of working in this field. This training can be gained while pursuing a course as every dietetics course includes a short term internship. This internship provides the candidate with the required experience and exposure to the field. In some cases, a candidate may also require certification which may depend from state to state.

Clinical Dietitian Colleges and Universities

Clinical Dietitian Wages and Salaries

Clinical dietitians face slow growth prospects in the field. There surely are several job opportunities but once a person gets the job, there isn’t much to grow and expand. The average median salary of a clinical dietitian is $54000.

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