Clerk Education and Job Requirements

Clerk Requirements

Clerk is one of the important post in any organization and the candidate at this post is generally required to perform wide variety of tasks like keeping records, attending correspondence, filing papers, maintaining letters and others. Clerks are found in each and every sector like law, government, medical, administration and others and the candidate are allotted duties as per the requirements. Following are the education and job requirements of a clerk.

Clerk  Education Requirements:

  • A person should have a high school diploma to be a clerk.
  • If the candidate is a graduate he will be preferred over others
  • Any specialized course or training in management will certainly help the candidate to have an edge over the others.
  • A candidate should have basic knowledge about computers.

Clerk  Job Requirements:

  • A candidate should have good management skills so that he can take care of all the documents and place them properly.
  • The candidate should have eye for details so that he can sort out important document from others.
  • The candidate should have good eyesight so that he can read the records properly and look at the computer screen for long hours.
  • The candidate should be physically fit as he may have to spend long working hours in office.
  • He should have good communication skills.

Thus for a person to be a good clerk following requirements should be considered.

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