Claims Examiner Education Requirements

Claims examiners are a set of professional individuals who are employed by each and every insurance agency or similar organization in the world. These individuals are related to a specific kind of task in the huge insurance industry; they are responsible for closely examining the claims that are made against their employing organization.

The examiners basically have a desk job wherein they review the claims, cross check the policies, and authorize the payment once the calculations have been done.

These professional must not be confused with the claims adjusters who are responsible for the proper formation and processing of the claims. Earlier the individuals who had a high school education qualified for the position of a claim examiner, as the time advanced the requirements have also advanced to higher levels of education such as those mentioned below.

Claims Examiner Education Requirements

  • Acquiring a basic and standard high school education from an institution accredited by the state is a pre-requisite to the position of a claims examiner.
  • Acquiring a bachelor degree is also an essential criterion which must be met to be employed as a claims examiner. The degree may be obtained in any applicable subject like law, ethics, mathematical sciences, accounts, management etc.
  • Acquiring a master degree though not an essential criterion is certainly beneficial to being employed as a claims examiner, for it helps in moving up the hierarchical structure. The master degree may be obtained in the same subjects that are mentioned above for the bachelor education, or any other applicable subject.

Claims Examiner Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • Must have a high school diploma with all the transcripts.
  • A bachelor degree with majoring in the subjects- laws and ethics, business management, financial management, business economics, economics, mathematics etc.
  • A master degree with majoring in the subjects- business law, insurance and ethics, business administration, finance, market management, economics etc.
  • Diploma courses provided by number of schools/ institutions in fields like business, law, medicine etc. are appropriate for the applicants.
  • Certificate courses that are provided by a number of schools or institutions in fields of finance, business, economics, law etc.

Claims Examiner Qualifications and Training

This job position might require formal training apart from the mandatory educational requirements for the individual to do well on the job.

Claims Examiner Colleges and Universities:

Claims Examiner Adjuster Wages and Salaries:

The individuals employed as claims examiners are generally paid an average salary or $ 33,600 per annum. But the interval around this median salary stretches from $ 30,100 to $ 50,600 per annum, depending on the respective employing agency.

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