Claims Adjuster Education Requirements

Claims adjusters, also referred to as loan adjusters in many parts of the world are the individuals who work for an insurance claim made and carry on the necessary changes/ adjustments. These professionals are hired by the various insurance agencies or even by individuals making claims at times to conduct an analysis of the claims being made.

The claims adjusters with their familiarity with the insurance terminology are able to carry on the tasks that a lay man would not be able to perform. For example these individuals have the appropriate knowledge to prepare a property damage claim statement which an individual unrepresented by anyone may not be able to prepare.

Claims Adjuster Education Requirements

  • An aspirant of a claims adjuster position must have a proper high school education from a state accredited institution.
  • An aspirant of a claim adjuster position must have a bachelor degree in any of the mentioned subjects- accounting, finance management, business administration etc.
  • An aspirant of a claim adjuster position can also attain a master degree in the same above mentioned subjects (accounting, management, finance etc). Though a master education may not be a necessity it certainly is beneficial when looking to occupy higher positions.

Claims Adjuster Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • Basic requirement of high school diploma and the transcripts from the institution.
  • A bachelor degree with a major in marketing, business management, business administration, finance management, economics etc.
  • A master degree (or post graduation) with a major in business management/ administration, market management, market research and sales, economics etc.
  • Acquiring any diploma in accounting, business management, finance is also beneficial for the aspirant.
  • The aspirant can also benefit from acquiring a certificate course in management, finance etc offered by a number of institutions.

Claims Adjuster Qualifications and Training

Many employers of claim adjuster i.e. insurance agencies set a limiting experience criterion before hiring anyone, with the limit/ requirement varying from employer to employer. There may still be certain employers who do not make mandatory experience requirements and provide training to any fresher they recruit. Though even such firms would prefer experienced employees.

Claims Adjuster Colleges and Universities:

Claims Adjuster Wages and Salaries:

The recent figures show that the salaries paid to the claim adjusters varies between the figures $ 36,000 to $ 57,500 per annum, with the median salary being an average of $ 41,000 per annum. The salary also varies depending upon the job profile and the experience of the candidate.

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