Civil Services Administrator Education and Job Requirements

Civil Services Administrator Requirements

The job of a civil service administrator is very challenging within the framework of efficient governance in a democracy. The responsibilities include formulation of policies encompassing the social perspectives. The job requires assisting the bureaucrats in strategizing the administrative plans play a major part in holding the post. A civil service administrator acts as an executive at the context of implementing the government plans and monitor their progress and moderation. The following details would be more helpful in knowing about the job.

Education Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any stream.
  • A pass in the preliminary exams of the civil services to sit for the mains.
  • A satisfactory result in the mains exams of the civil services.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must be very sincere and dedicated towards serving his country.
  • He/she should have an amiable personality and excellent command over English while processing the administrative tasks.
  • The applicant should possess excellent coordination skills and a strong sense of time-management.
  • He/she must have an analytical approach while assessing the policy implications.
  • The candidate should account for the socio-economic objectives during formulation of the policies.
  • The concerned person should continuously monitor the implementation of the policies and prepare exhaustive reports.

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