City Planning Consultant Education Requirements

City planning consultant education is pursued to obtain either a bachelor, master or a doctorate degree for holding the job of a city planning advisor. Regardless of what the degree is, the course offers almost the same nature of lessons or information. The topics are same with only the depth and difficulty of the content varying with increasing levels. The primary ranks of the educational course deal with the subject at a superficial level whereas the higher ranks delve into the subject more intensely and educate the learner to the core. This indicates that candidates with a master or better still a doctorate degree would be more desirable at a company hiring urban planners and consultants. The knowledge of architecture, planning, environmental laws, infrastructure and real estate assumes huge importance in this field to make a mark with functional advice.

City Planning Consultant Education Requirements

  • The candidate has to pass a high-school examination held at the state level and come out with flying colours.
  • The candidate must remember that a college and terminal degree in the course is very important in order to bag a city planning consultant’s job in a prestigious organization.
  • An occupational course may be undertaken by the candidate to further his knowledge.

City Planning Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are the officially laid down educational degrees, the minimum of which should be attained by all prospective candidates vying for a consultancy post:

  • Bachelors in any discipline of science or architecture
  • Masters in City Planning (MCP) or Masters in Urban Planning (MUP)
  • PhD or research degree
  • Vocational course in regional planning

City Planning Consultant Qualifications and Training

The job of city planning consultants rely a lot on practical exposure and training as they are required to witness the real picture in order to orient themselves with reality. The American Planning Association (APA) designs the training programme for the consultants in all practical fields of urban planning like infrastructure, drainage and housing.

City Planning Consultant Colleges and Universities

City Planning Consultant Wages and Salary

The monthly earnings of a professional consultant are $60,000 on average.

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