Circulation Manager Education Requirements

The education for circulations manager must focus on developing an individual with a flair for advertising and leadership. A circulation manager is responsible for producing and circulating collateral material like posters, banners, contests etc. to enhance the sales of the products & services. The nature of job of a circulation manager is quite complex, and falls under the category of advertising and promotions. These candidates are also required to coordinate and supervise the entire distribution process of all sorts of publications produced or marketed by their organization. Hence the education for these candidates must prepare them to take up all these challenges and responsibilities, and fulfill them successfully.

The degrees in management, mass communication, business administration etc. can be considered, but along with these degrees employers prefer candidates with practical experience in the field. Hence the education programs focusing on circulation management must provide relevant work experience to the individuals though their training and internship programs.

  Circulation manager Education Requirements:

  • These candidates must have passed their high school.
  • These candidates must possess their bachelors and masters degrees in management, mass communication, business administration or any other closely related subjects.
  • Candidates must have basic understanding of advertising concepts and should have good communication skills.

Circulation manager Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who want to develop their professional career in the field of circulation management must consider following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma in any stream
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, business administration, mass communication, management or commerce
  • Master’s degree in Journalism, Business administration or management

Circulation manager Education Qualification and Training:

The job of a circulation manager carries great responsibility and hence the employers always prefer candidates with excellent academic record and relevant job experience. The candidates who want to pursue their careers in this field must undergo necessary training programs, workshop programs and internships during their academic education to gain experience. These training programs help the candidates to develop the skills and polish their qualities to become suitable for the job. These candidates must also possess excellent communication and presentation skills, analytical & reasoning skills, leadership qualities and good managerial skills.

Circulation manager Education Colleges and Universities:

Circulation manager Education Wages and Salaries:

The candidates looking forward to attain the position of circulation manager can earn up to $55,000 – $ 90,000 depending on their academic qualifications, work experience in the field of circulation and their skills.


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