Child Support Officer Education and Job Requirements

Child Support Officer Requirements

The work of a child support officer is not very common among the job seekers. Yet it entails huge responsibilities and good rewards, both in monetary and aesthetically. The concerned person in the job has the task of providing administrative support to the management team of the child support programs. The child support officer also oversees the functioning of the regulatory norms and the maintenance of the related laws in this regards. A child support officer necessarily works for a government agency. The more exact details of the education and job requirements for this particular post are written below and may help the recruiter to choose the right candidate.

Education requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any stream with good grades from a reputed institute.
  • An undergraduate degree in child psychology would be hugely in favor of the candidate.
  • A master’s degree in an added advantage but not compulsory.
  • Certified training in legal administration management would be a bonus for the candidate.

Job requirements:

  • Good communication skills in order to interact with the clients in a lucid manner.
  • Maintenance and application of integrated digital systems for the purpose of organizing the child support cases.
  • The interested candidates must be able to efficiently monitor the child support cases on a regular basis.
  • Expertise in the sphere of legalities involving child support.
  • Able to evaluate the social and economic conditions of the custodial and non-custodial parents.
  • The candidate should possess good skills of documentation.

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