Child Care Director Education Requirements

In order to work in the position of a child care director, an individual needs to be highly skilled and possess extensive knowledge in the field of child care. Thus, a child care director education requirement should include teaching those skills and information about child care required for an individual to work in the given position. The course taken by an individual aspiring to work in the position of a child care director should cover all the aspects that would teach the individual how to effectively manage and administer a child care centre. There are no such minimum qualifications required for a child care director but it is preferable if the individual has done a management course in the field of early child education.  It is the duty of a child care director to prepare budgets for the child care organization and prepare financial reports so an education in the field of finance is also helpful.

Child Care Director Education Requirements:

  • A child care director must have a high school degree in any discipline.
  • A graduation degree preferably in the field of early child education or child care or child development. It can also be a graduation degree in management as a child care director should have managerial skills.
  • A child care director may be required to have a master’s degree in the field of child care or child development or management.
  • An associate degree or a certification from a recognized body.

Child Care Director Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • High school degree in any discipline
  • Bachelor’s degree in early child education
  • Bachelor’s degree in child development
  • Master’s degree in business management
  • Master’s degree in child development

Child Care Director Qualification and Training:

The qualification required by an individual in order to be a child care director varies from one state to another and also from one organization to another.  In some states child care director needs to have a license issued by regulatory bodies like Department of Public Welfare or Department of Child and Family Social Services. It is necessary that a child care director is well qualified in the field of child development. Some of them may also be required to undergo specialized training.

Child Care Director Colleges and Universities:

Child Care Director Wages and Salaries:

The average salary of a child care director is around $53000 per annum but this may also vary depending upon the educational qualification of the candidate, his work experience and type of organization in which he is working.

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