Chemistry Professor Education Requirements

A chemistry professor is a member of the chemistry department in college or university. A chemistry professor’s work includes delivering lectures, publishing original research papers, creating tests and evaluating them among others. Other than that, a chemistry professor also needs to guide students for their doctoral thesis.

Strong communication and writing skills are always a beneficial to a chemistry professor. A chemistry professor specialises in a certain branch of chemistry, like organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, etc. A chemistry professor needs to have vast knowledge of his or her field of specialisation; this is possible only after long years of dedicated schooling and research.

The underlying factors in becoming a chemistry professor are love for the subject and love for teaching. A chemistry professor is also a lifelong student who continuously conducts research and increases his or her skills in the subject.

Chemistry Professor Educational Requirement:

  • An aspiring chemistry professor first needs to hold a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry. The bachelor’s degree is then followed by a master’s degree. It is while pursuing a master’s degree that one decides his or her area of specialisation. Then, to teach in junior colleges and community colleges, one needs to hold only a master’s degree in Chemistry. However, university professors are required to obtain a PhD after a master’s degree.
  • It is always better to work as teaching assistants to undergraduates while completing Master’s or PhD.

Chemistry Professor Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • High School Diploma(focus on chemistry, math and physics)
  • A Bachelor of Science Degree- major in Chemistry
  • Master’s Degree- any specific branch of chemistry
  • PhD in any branch of Chemistry one wishes to specialise in.

Chemistry Professor Qualifications and Training:

In the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, one learns more in Chemistry and about a particular branch. A PhD course involves gruelling sessions to meet the hour based credit requirements. Credits earned during a Master’s program can be followed up in the PhD program also. The course covers topics like applied biochemistry, calculus and applied analytical chemistry. Training in labs is one of the most integral part of the coursework. Besides the coursework, candidates need to devote more time to their doctoral thesis and on research work for the same. One also needs to prepare for the examinations.

Chemistry Professor Colleges and Universities:

Chemistry Professor Wages and Salaries:

A chemistry professor usually earns around $30,000-$90,000 pa depending on the experience and the University they are teaching at.

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