Chartered Financial Analyst Education Requirements

Out of all the countless finance degrees offered around the world, the degree of Chartered Financial Analyst has become a gold standard. As competition rises in the global market, companies identify employees with such professional degree as CFA and give them high standards.

The degree of CFA is globally recognized by investors, business firms and organizations. It is a career oriented globally certified professional program. The CFA is a recognized qualification which is mainly for investment and finance professionals, especially in the fields of stock market, investment management, bonds and assets financial analysis.

Chartered Financial Analyst education requirements

  • To become a CFA a candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree. Candidate who apply after doing their management have a better scope in this field. It requires 4 years of experience, done along with the course or separately.
  • The candidate should complete his CFA program and become a member of the CFA Institute.
  • Should be good in current affairs, judgment regarding market, far sightedness, and wide range of imagination, tact and good communication skills to meet the demands of this specialized professional course.
  • It is open to all the graduates or students in the last year of their graduation, final level students of CA, CWA, CS, other  post graduates and working executives, bankers, consultants, financial advisors. 

CFA degrees and courses

  • Degrees are offered through distance learning as well, with the regular CFA program course of three years and two years of accelerated programming course. Candidates should sit for one a year, for three years.
  • There are three levels of rigorous exams held which are quite difficult to crack. The first level emphasizes on financial reporting, asset valuation and analysis and management techniques.
  • The second level program emphasizes the deeper evaluation of asset valuation along with quantitative methods and strategies of applying the tool. The last level program stresses on management of and the asset valuation model in equity management and fixed income.
  • It is also open to engineering colleges who have a stronger base in financial accounting and economics. 

CFA qualifications and training:

Candidates who plan to be a CFA get admitted in good management colleges. The colleges also assign projects to analyze the financial report of companies. Many companies offer training to the newly qualified CFA’s.

Top colleges/universities:

CFA wages and salaries:

CFA’s earn substantially well depending on experience and departments. They are given heavy perks such as networking opportunities, investment publication. On an average, the salary of a CFA is around $35,000 per annum.

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