Chartered Accountant Education and Job Requirements

Chartered Accountant Requirements

A chartered accountant’s job is primarily about providing consulting services in matters of personal and corporate finance. The fields are many in which he/she works – from auditing to insolvency. A chartered accountant works for a government organization or a private company and plans strategies to manage the capital funds of the clients. He/she also advices on matters of procurement and business growth. The points written below would give a clearer idea about the education and job requirements of this post.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree with first class honors in accountancy/finance.
  • A master’s degree with first class grades in accountancy/finance is desirable.
  • A certified degree in chartered financial accountancy is compulsory.
  • Training in finance related quantitative software packages is a big plus.

Job requirements:

  • Providing optimized advices on taxation and auditing to the clients.
  • Must be an expert in analyzing the risk factors in matters of investment.
  • Should have deep knowledge regarding mergers and acquisitions.
  • Must have an expertise on advanced auditing methods and flawless tax planning.
  • The candidate should be able to prepare extensive documents on financial reports.
  • Should be skillful regarding issues of treasury and forecasting.

The above mentioned details are helpful to employ the correct person for the post.

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