Certified Nursing Assistant Education Requirements

A certified nursing assistant is a professional who works in assisting registered or licensed nurses looking after patients. Such individuals do not need to possess the same qualifications as registered nurses, but they do have to clear some amount of post secondary training and coursework which familiarizes them with the crucial work that they have to perform in the healthcare sector. In terms of hierarchy, certified nursing assistants {CNAs} fall below registered nurses. Yet they have to be educated in basic aspects of their job without which health departments cannot function. Hence, formal education has become mandatory for certified nursing assistants.

Apart from formalized education, certified nursing assistants, as the name indicates, must obtain the necessary certifications and clearances from state agencies. They have to also be rotated clinically while being trained in order to acclimatize themselves to the work environment of a hospital or nursing home.

Certified Nursing Assistant Education Requirements:

  • A certified nursing assistant must first pass high school with the recommended amount of marks or grades in the biological sciences and mathematics.
  • Following this, the certified nursing assistant must go in for a course in nursing offered by vocational training institutions or hospitals. Such courses last for about two to three years and train the aspirant in basic medical terminology, patient care, health care, medical ethics, first aid and so on.
  • In order to be recognized as a certified nursing assistant, a candidate must obtain certifications from authorizing bodies of the state in which he is or will be employed in the capacity of a CNA.

Certified Nursing Assistant Degrees, Courses and Certification:

A certified nursing assistant must obtain the following degrees and certifications in order to be allowed to work as such and achieve success:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent GED
  • Certification from post secondary course in Nursing
  • Bachelor of science in Nursing [BSN] [optional]
  • CPR certification

Certified Nursing Assistant Qualifications and Training:

A certified nursing assistant must be able to attend to patients who are less critically injured or sick, apply primary first aid, prepare medical records, apply certain medicines and injections, and provide primary resuscitation and so on. These skills can be obtained through educational training or vocational courses and clinical experience.

Certified Nursing Assistant Colleges and Universities:

Certified Nursing Assistant Wages and Salaries:

A certified nursing assistant may earn anything between 20,000USD to 29,000USD per annum with 24,000USD being the median salary.

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