Case Management Education Requirements

A case management is a field of work which requires case managers to work with healthcare companies or governmental agencies to look for ill or aged people and suggest and provide them with plans for improving their mental as well as physical wellbeing. A case manager analyses the condition of the client and suggest him/her with the best possible plan which can help them in an effective manner. But there are certain requirements which a person needs to fulfil in order to become a case manager in a company or organisation.

A person with a bachelor’s degree in health care, human psychology, nursing or counselling can apply for the position of a case manager and handle the duties associate with this job. A registered nurse can also apply for this particular position. Apart from educational requirements, there are other skill based qualifications as well which one needs to address to in order to enter this field.

Case management education requirements:

  • A person needs to complete his/her high school education from a recognised high school.
  • A person with bachelor’s degree in any discipline can apply for the position of a case manager. Or a person with a bachelor’s diploma in nursing, psychology, counselling is also apt for this kind of a job.
  • In certain cases, masters in the field of health care, human or education services can also be required or made compulsory to become a case manager

Case management degrees, courses and certifications:

  •  High school diploma from an accredited school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline preferably nursing, psychology, career counselling etc.
  • Diploma course in criminal justice, human resources, health care and insurance may also be useful or required.
  • Master’s degree in psychology, nursing, or any other such related course.
  • A certificate of a licensed nurse is another way to get a job as a case manager.

Case management training and qualifications:

One needs to take training under a case manager so as to learn about the issues and tasks related to this job. He/she needs to understand the problems faced by people as far as their health is concerned and must be able to suggest the best well being plans for them.

Case management colleges and universities

Case manager wages and salaries:

The average salary for a person who is a case manager is $62000 which may vary from one company to another depending upon the type of work profile and experience of the candidate.

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