Cargo Handler Education Requirements

The cargo handler is responsible for handling baggage in an airline. There are no specific educational criteria that need to be followed in order to settle in this career. The aspiring cargo handler must have the necessary skills required to safely load and unload heavy luggage of various passengers from one aircraft and transfer them to another aircraft. There are a few educational requirements which need to be followed. However, a college degree or a university degree is not at all demanded. Most employing airplane companies look for strength and ability to handle a great deal of weight. The cargo handler is also responsible for stacking luggage and ensuring that all have been placed in the correct airplane. He is also required to handle fork lifts and also other such machinery that is required to move baggage in an airport.

Cargo Handler Educational Requirements:

  • The cargo handler only needs to have a high school degree with an average GPA. There is no such educational demands from this career, although, there is a need to possess some amount of common sense in ability handling different machinery involved in this field.
  • The aspiring cargo handler is also required to possess proper communicative skills. Here one can take up various certification courses that concentrate on improving fluency in language. There is a need to interact with various passengers and the cargo handler must be able to do so fluently and clearly.
  • On-the-job training is also an important part of this career. Most cargo handlers go through this and are made familiar with different processes involved and the machineries used for transporting luggage from one cargo ship to another. This is the most important part of the cargo handler’s training experience.
  • High School Degree with an average GPA
  • Certification in Communicative Skills, English Speech Fluency etc
  • Specialized Certification in Cargo Equipment Management

Cargo Handler Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Cargo Handler Qualifications and Training:

The training is the most essential part of a cargo handler’s career. The training is part of the employment process where the cargo handler goes through a rigorous and thorough session wherein he is made familiar with the required duties and skills. There is a certain amount of responsibility attached to this job; the cargo handler must ensure that the luggage is transported to the right aircraft. This training can take place for six months to one year.

Cargo Handler Colleges and Universities:

Cargo Handler Wages and Salary:

The cargo handler earns around $24,980 per annum on average.

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