Careers With A Masters In Education Administration

Education administration is a field where the teaching professionals not only have experience as a teacher but also formulate the various policies and programs related to education.

They have knowledge of matters beyond only one particular subject and have to take into account the whole educational institution, take decisions on the selection of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, supervise the performance of the teachers, make a budget and make sure all the funds are utilized for the well-being of the institute.

Since this is a senior level position, a master’s degree is required in order to handle all the responsibilities properly. Here are a few careers one can opt for with a master’s degree in education administration:

  • Principal: A principal is the head of a school and he is responsible for all the activities that go on there. He has to hire and manage his teachers, ensure all the rules and regulations of the state are followed, set funds for various academic and co-curricular program, keep the school premises safe, approve examination questions and make sure that students are getting a fair treatment
  • Assistant Principal: These professionals assist the principals in various academic and administrative responsibilities and in the absence of the principal, they take over all the matters of running the school
  • Department head: These teachers are the head of a particular department or ‘school’ in colleges where they take the responsibility of all the teachers teaching that subject and supervise the performance of the students of that department
  • Dean: The dean is like the head of a university where he is in charge of all the operations that are required to make sure the institute functions smoothly and the students get the right kind of education
  • Academic officers: These professionals help the students to choose or drop courses, give advice on specific programs, moderate the budget etc

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