Cardiologist Training Requirements

Cardiologist training requirements consist of the theoretical and practical training that one receives to become a doctor who specializes in the illnesses related to the heart and blood vessels. In order to become a cardiologist, you will first have to finish your medical training and then spend more time in specializing in cardiology.

There are pre-med bachelor’s degrees, then a medical degree, after which one needs to clear the MCAT, followed by cardiology training. The whole training process could take a total of 10 years or more in some cases. These qualifications and certifications allow the professional to diagnose and treat heart diseases and suggest treatment to heart patients.

What Are The Different Areas Where One Can Get Cardiologist Training?

  • You can opt for pediatric cardiology and deal with only children or pursue adult cardiology to treat adult heart problems
  • Other areas are electrophysiology, echocardiography etc and the specialized training for each takes different number of years

What Are The Educational Requirements To Get Cardiology Training?

Cardiologists, besides getting the general training needed to become a doctor, also have to get more knowledge to treat special conditions related to the heart. For that, they can pursue the following courses:

  • As a high school student, you must take subjects like biology, chemistry and physics to get your basics in the field right
  • After that you will have to take admission in a pre-med bachelor’s degree course in subjects like chemistry, math, psychology, biology etc
  • Then you need to clear the Medical College Admission Test and get admission in a medical school to get your medical degree in four years

What Additional Training Is Needed To Become A Cardiologist?

  • Once you have finished med school, you must have 6-8 years of general medicine training along with cardiology training
  • The training program has subjects like catheterization, coronary angiography, hemodynamic studies, coronary anatomy etc

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