Cardiac Rehabilitation Education Requirements

Therapists working towards cardiac rehabilitation are the trained professionals who can assist the patients who are undergoing any heart treatment, suffering from the heart attack troubles or undergoing a medical procedure for heart diseases. The cardiac rehabilitative therapists require a specialised degree and license to work for this profile.

This is a highly technical job which demands a very good understanding about heart and diseases associated with heart troubles. The candidate can acquire an associate degree in the field of occupational therapy but the on job training or apprenticeship can enhance the employability of a candidate to a great extent.

There are numerous courses available to train a candidate in cardiac rehabilitation procedures. Along with relevant degree candidate must get license from their regional authorities to work as a cardiac rehabilitative therapists.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Education Requirements

  • These candidates must have passed high school diploma with biology as their major subject.
  • After which they can enroll for a degree program in applied science in occupational therapy, physical therapy or in rehabilitation science.
  • Aspiring candidates can also opt for a post-baccalaureate degree.
  • These candidates must be proficient in human anatomy, rehabilitation science and in physical therapies.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Degrees, Courses and Certifications

To build a successful career as a cardiac rehabilitative therapist the aspirant must get relevant degree, certificates and license.

  • High school diploma or GED or any equivalent education
  • Associates, bachelors or master’s degree in applied science in occupational therapy, physical therapy or in rehabilitation science.
  • The candidate must get a license from any of the authorized bodies like National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) license exam. The details and requirements for these license exams may vary from state to state.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Qualification and Training

To work as a cardiac rehabilitative therapist a candidate must acquire the relevant training and hand on experience. They must be able to use all the necessary equipments for measuring the vital signs of the patients. The candidate must possess good stamina along with interpersonal skills. He/she must pay attention to all the details since cardiac rehabilitation is a very sensitive and critical field. Candidate can join training programs to keep themselves updated about the latest trends and developments happening in the field of cardiac rehabilitation.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Colleges and Universities

Cardiac Rehabilitation Wages and Salaries

A cardiac rehabilitative therapist is in huge demand since it is a very niche field. They can easily expect an average annual salary of $55,678 which may again vary with their experience and certifications.

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