Car Racing Education and Job Requirements

Car Racing Requirements

Car racing is probably one of the most thrilling sports that a lot of people love to watch due to the high speeds at which the car is raced at. There is a lot of practice and hard work that goes into car racing.  A good car racer should be very strong both physically and mentally to be able to handle any situation while taking up a race. The race can be as small as a local club race to world level championships that involve sponsors. The car racing driver has to keep practicing his driving skills even when the competitions are not there as this will help in further improving speed and car coordination.

Educational Requirements

  • Should have knowledge or qualification related to physics where topics such as car acceleration, deceleration, G forces etc though this is not mandatory.
  • A special driving license or permit which is different from the normal car driving license has to be obtained.
  • Should gain knowledge of the car technically which involves aerodynamics, engine function etc.
  • Should acquire knowledge of car maintenance such as changing tyres, engine optimization, track temperature, tyre temperature etc.

Job Requirements

  • Should have proven track record of many winning races at any level of car racing championship.
  • Having some sponsors can be an added advantage as it shows a car racing driver’s popularity and skills.
  • Minimum age should be 19 years to be hired as a car racing driver.
  • Should have knowledge to handle the racing car equipments.

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