Car Designer Education Requirements

A car designer is a person who not only designs the exterior of a car but also works on the entire interior functioning and design of an automobile. Car designers often work with engineers to put their designs to good use and try their best to fit in the best engineering technology in their car designs. There are a set of requirements, both educational and skill based which a person needs to qualify in order to get a car designing job. Car designers often work in the fields related to automobile engineering, product design as well as electrical engineering.

Apart from the formal education requirements, a person who is a car designing aspirant also needs to be extremely creative and innovative with a strong hand at Maths, Science and Computers. Any car designer needs to produce a product which is environmental friendly as well as affordable for the public and for this, a course in environmental science is generally considered as an additional qualification.

Car designer education requirements:

  • One must be a high school pass out from a recognised school and should have a Science background at school level.
  •  Bachelor’s degrees in product design or automotive engineering are the two fields which can prove to be tickets to the car designing field of work.
  • A master’s program in the same field can be a preferred choice for the employer of a car designer.
  • High school diploma from an accredited school.

Car designer education degrees, courses and certificates:

  • Bachelor’s degree in product design or 4 year bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering at graduation level.
  • Master’s degree in a similar field or a diploma course in automobile design.
  • Courses in environmental science, Maths, Science etc.
  • A computer aided training program for a strong hold over Computers is another important training program which should be taken by a car designing aspirant.

Car designer education qualifications and training:

Computer training or a designing course as far as automobiles are concerned could be one of the most important courses for someone who wishes to better his/her chances of being appointed as a car designer in a company. One also needs the right marketing skills as well as exceptional communication skills in this field of work.

Car designer colleges and universities:

Car designer wages and salaries:

A car designer earns $60000 on an average per year. This figure could vary to $80000 in case of an established car designer hired by a successful car manufacturing company.


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