Camera-Photographic Equipment Repairer Education and Job Requirements

Camera-Photographic Equipment Repairer Requirements

The camera/photographic equipment repairer has the prime responsibility to mend the faults in every type of camera – consumer cameras and professional cameras. It is his/her task to correctly identify the technical defect in any one or more parts of the camera and think of a pertinent solution using application based knowledge in this regards. The concerned professional must also exhibit his/her skills in doing the repairing and maintenance work to improve the performance quality of the expensively branded digital cameras and the film cameras. He/she is expected to keep an account of the different assignments.

Education requirements:

  • A high school diploma in any stream from a good educational institute is a plus point with decent grades.
  • A course in post secondary involving modules in photography and related technologies would be hugely in favor of the candidate.
  • Certified training in camera/photographic equipment repairing from an accredited institute is an added advantage in the candidate’s profile.

Job requirements:

  • An experience of at least 112 to 15 months as a camera/photographic equipment repairer in a reputed agency or for a renowned company or as an appreciated freelancer.
  • Must possess ample expertise to disassemble the camera and locate the origin of the technical fault of the equipment.
  • The concerned candidate must be proficient enough to thoroughly lubricate each of the parts of the camera.
  • Should be very careful while handling and polishing the camera lenses.
  • Should be aware of the various photographic dimensions.
  • Must be efficient on conducting the required tests to check the quality of the photographic equipment.

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