Call Centre Quality Assurance Manager Education Requirements

Call centres account for a great part of the state’s economy as a result of the client mass they support through telemarketing. To meet the growing demands of the competition in this sector, education is indispensable for the employment plans. Candidates with the best grades are being mostly preferred for these jobs. Educational requirements are not just for flawless working but also for developing new methods and plans to suit the changing state of the industry. If a candidate is properly trained in the relevant educational field, he will be easily selected for the job interview. However, a bachelor degree would not be as valuable as a master degree to survive in this sector.

Call centre Quality Assurance Manager Education Requirements

  • The candidate has to be a science graduate at the high school level so that he is exposed to analytical work from an early age.
  • He must hold a college degree as college graduation is the basic level of educational requirement for application in the job.
  • Computer education and technical data handling may prove beneficial for the job.

Call centre Quality Assurance Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The candidate is required to marvel in specific educational arenas comprising of the following:

  • Bachelors in business studies, or statistical studies or in any branch of the engineering sciences (scope is limited for arts students)
  • Additional diploma course in Business administration
  • Masters in Business Management course  or Economics or in Applied Mathematics (functional analysis and calculus)

Call centre Quality Assurance Manager Qualifications and Training

The basic qualification for the post is a graduation degree with added preference given to those who have worked as quality assurance inspectors that may be further accredited by on-the-job training under the eye of the organization. Special training may be achieved from a customer management organization called Customer Operations Performance Centre Inc (COPCI), globally recognised for its training services and active in 50 countries.

Call centre Quality Assurance Manager Colleges and Universities

Call centre Quality Assurance Manager Wages and Salary

Depending on the level of experience, the candidate can expect a salary between $70,000 and $90,000 per month.

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