Call Centre Operations Education Requirements

A call centre operations education must be geared towards the inculcation of those skills which can enhance the productivity of the call centre and improve its day to day operations. A call centre employment can be of various kinds and any employee will be expected to have attained a graduation degree at least, and as post graduation degree for the best chances of securing the job. Apart from this formal education, various kinds of training like voice and accent training are often made mandatory for call centre operations employee. A call centre operations education can also sometimes allow for some negotiations, like an employee with vast experience can often be employed even if he has a diploma.

Call Centre Operations Education Requirements:

  • The call centre operations employee must possess the minimum qualification of a graduate degree. In some special cases, weight is given to experience and individuals without a Bachelor’s degree are employed on the basis of their excellent experience.
  • The call centre operations education must also involve proficiency in computers, especially in basic software’s like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the internet.
  • The call centre employee must have an education that provides him with a solid base in English language proficiency.

Call Centre Operations Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The call centre operations employee must possess the following degrees or certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • A diploma in Call Centre Operations, with modules like Customer Relationships and Service Delivery.
  • Master’s in Business Administration-Sales and Marketing

Call Centre Operations Qualification and Training:

The call centre operations employee must qualify after the in house training programs organized by the call centre to familiarize employees with the mode of operation of the call centre. He must also undergo a voice and accent training program, and obtain a proficiency certification in that which is mandatory for call centre operations employees.

Call Centre Operations Colleges and Universities:

Call Centre Operations Wages and Salaries:

The salary per annum which a call centre operations employee is expected to draw is within the range of $40000 to $780000. There is definite scope for increase as well depending on the performance and sincerity of the employee.

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