Call Centre Manager Education Requirements

A call centre manager’s education is geared towards training him in the technical aspects of handling a section of the work in a call centre. A call centre manager must thus undergo the necessary education and training himself in order to contribute substantially and in a new innovative manner to the work output of his company and also successfully establish the channels of communication between himself and his trainees. A call centre manager’s education must involve a minimum of high school diploma, following which he can obtain the necessary degrees which will enable him to become a successful manager.

To become a desirable candidate for this position one should also have additional qualification through vocational courses or other certifications. Proficiency in computer skills and formal certificates to prove that expertise are also a mandatory requirement of this job. A call centre manager must receive an education that will equip him for his job and make him a successful manager as well.

Call Center Manager Education Requirements:

  • A call centre manager must be a graduate, in any discipline. However, often students of technology and engineering are preferred as they have the necessary technical knowhow to operate a call centre.
  • The call centre manager also needs to complete the call centre company’s own in-house training session in order to be eligible for the post.
  • He needs to have excellent computer skills as the entire job is computer based.

Call Centre Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Some degrees and courses a call centre manager must undertake are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  • A post graduation degree in Business Administration, with Sales and Marketing as the special focus.
  • Computer Certification Course or MS Office related Certification Course.

Call Centre Manager Qualifications and Training:

The candidate seeking higher qualification in the field of call center management must possess some hands on training experience on a call center operation. Certified Call Centre Manager [CCCM] training is usually compulsory for call centre managers. However, a call centre manager must be trained also in the managerial aspect of his job and he must understand the operation of the call centre.

Call Centre Manager Colleges and Universities:

Call Centre Manager Wages and Salary:

The call centre manager can earn anything in the range of $45,000 to $70,000. This depends upon performance and progress.

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