Call Centre General Manager Education Requirements

Call centres are reserves of huge amounts of energy and resources that are to be efficiently managed so that the resources are not wasted and are put to good use. As a manager, one must be technically fluent and effortless in handling physical and human resources. This technical knowhow is partly served by the educational training of candidates and partly by practical training. Education lays the foundation of success of a future call centre manager. The degrees gathered over the years are not just for qualifying the preliminary rounds but also for providing more advanced and fool proof management services.

A general secondary education followed it up by a specialised college training would make the candidate much more confident and eligible for a management job.  Additional skills and certifications are always welcomed and preferred by call centre organizations.

Call Centre General Manager Education Requirements

  • The candidate applying as a call centre general manager must be a high school graduate from a reputed educational institution.
  • He must also be a graduate having sound scores from a recognised college which is affiliated with the state board.
  • Master degree of education from a registered university acts as a catalyst for a call centre employee to work as manager of a call centre.

Call Centre General Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A call centre general manager is expected to excel at the following degree and certificate courses:

  • BSc or BA in any discipline
  • MSc or MA in Human Resource Management
  • Associative learning in media sciences like sales and marketing
  • Associative learning in relevant courses like statistics, economics, quality assurance or computer software

Call Centre General Manager Qualifications and Training

The qualification of a call centre manager is inclusive of the formal degrees and concrete training which he can apply in the practical field. Call centre Executive or Management related trainings helps to undertake the job duties of this particular position effectively.

Call Centre General Manager Colleges and Universities

Call Centre General Manager Wages and Salary

The call centre general manager is entitled to a monthly average salary of $34,000 to $80,000

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